Aluminum Extrusion

Blending the indoor and the outdoors with expansive views. Imagine the possibilities in residential

Aluminum Extrusion

Versatile. Lightweight. Long-lasting. Pass up the competition in transportation

Aluminum Extrusion

Beautifully hardy. Functionally fluid. Unlimited finishes. Sparking ideas in electronics

Aluminum Extrusion

Incorporating the latest technology. Dependable, yet stream-lined. Saving lives in healthcare

Aluminum Extrusion

Flawless finishes. Engineered to perfection. Imagine the versatility in commercial construction

Geodesic Dome Rebuild
Aluminum’s sustainability is on display at the National Museum of American History through July 2023 with the reconstruction of an extruded aluminum geodesic dome.
case studies dominoes

Fire Road Edge Dominoes

Case Study

Extruded aluminum is not just for windows, lighting and automotive components. Aluminum extrusions can be fun too! Case in point: these cool new dominoes crafted from aluminum extrusion rather than wood or plastic.
AEC Aluminum Extruders Council Case Study - Children's Hospital in Philadelphia

Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia

Case Study

“We chose aluminum extrusions for these projects because of the ease of framing, and because it was more economically feasible than steel.”
aec trim accessories - tailgate

GM MultiPro Tailgate

Case Study

Competitive pick-up truck owners are relegating their truck tailgates to the scrap heap. This is all in reaction to GM’s new, industry-first MultiPro Tailgate that offers six unique functions to pick-up owners.

Why Aluminum Extrusion?

Design and produce nearly any shape—in a timely manner— through a low-cost process.

By offering designers a near net shape of their choice, aluminum extrusions are unrivaled among structural materials for design selection. The only limit is your imagination.

Extrusion Design Tips

Aluminum & Sustainability

Lightweight, strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, versatile, low-maintenance, flexible, fast.

Aluminum extrusions help product designers, engineers, and architects get to destinations that steel can’t reach. As one of the most recycled industrial materials, it also makes a substantial contribution to sustainability efforts.

Aluminum Advantages in Sustainability

Webinar: "Finding a Path to Decarbonization with Aluminum Extrusions" - 12/9/22

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aec transportation with extrusions
Aluminum Extrusions In Industry

Aluminum extrusions usage has increased from an average of about 25 pounds per North American light vehicle 10 years ago to nearly 50 pounds in 2022. And, usage is continuing to grow as automakers utilize extrusions’ light weight, strength and formability to make vehicles environmentally friendlier, safer, and increasingly personalized.

Royal Ontario Museum extrusion elements
Aluminum Extrusions In Industry
Building & Construction

Lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, available in an almost endless range of shapes and aesthetic finishes.  No wonder architects and designers utilize aluminum extrusions in a wide range of interior and exterior building applications.

infrastructure elements
Aluminum Extrusions In Industry

Aluminum extrusions are used for a myriad of infrastructure applications, such as this pedestrian bridge made entirely of extruded aluminum.

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AEC Aluminum Extruders Council ET Seminar group meeting
Best Practices & Global Perspectives
ET '24 Seminar

Registration for ET '24 - the Thirteenth International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar & Exposition - is now open. Register by December 23, 2023, to realize the greatest savings.


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