January 12, 2017

Wauconda, IL – The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) announced its strong support for the new trade enforcement action against the People’s Republic of China announced today by the United States Trade Representative (USTR). The action seeks to have the World Trade Organization (WTO) address U.S. concerns that China’s subsidies to certain producers of primary aluminum is causing “serious prejudice” to U.S. interests by artificially expanding Chinese capacity, production and market share. “China’s subsidies have had and are continuing to have a significant adverse impact on the U.S. domestic aluminum industry, and ultimately are harmful to American jobs, workers and business,” said Matt McMahon, AEC’s Chairman. “The USTR’s action is an important first step towards addressing, and correcting, China’s policies on aluminum.”

The Aluminum Extruders Council has been a leader in seeking to level the competitive playing field for aluminum extruders, and aluminum in general, through its efforts to impose countervailing duties on Chinese imports. “We have continued to witness inexplicable marketplace behavior by Chinese aluminum extruders,” McMahon said, “despite our industry’s best efforts to have the U.S. impose duties.” AEC congratulates Ambassador Michael Froman of the USTR and notes that “It’s high time the U.S. address the anticompetitive policies in China that allow for these types of market disruptions,” said Mr. McMahon.

AEC also acknowledges the leadership role played by Century Aluminum in bringing this important issue forward. AEC will continue to work with the USTR and the new administration to assure that the market for aluminum products is not artificially distorted by China’s policies and practices.