Aluminum Extrusion Manual, 4.2 Edition

The Aluminum Extrusion Manual has been updated with new, previously unpublished content!  Three new sections have been added or expanded:

  • Sustainability - Learn some of the ways that the use of extruded components are reducing the environmental impact of buildings and vehicles
  • Fabrication - Expanded to include the myriad ways in which aluminum extrusions can be processed after extruding to facilitate cost savings, part-count reduction, increased product functionality, and more
  • Microstructure - Discover how alloy grain structure is critical to achieving the needed extrusion performance for demanding applications. This new section reviews the specifics to provide readers with a basis for discussing critical part performance with their extruder.

Create more effective products by using aluminum extrusions with AEC's updated Aluminum Extrusion Manual, 4.2 Edition!

Manual Benefits

After reviewing this manual, you'll have an excellent understanding of the extrusion process...and how to harness it for your product designs! The Aluminum Extrusion Manual is a great resource to:

  • Learn more about the aluminum extrusion process
  • Discover how to optimize your profile designs
  • Find technical information on alloys, finishes, tolerances, etc.
  • Get inspiration from the many application examples
  • Access valuable reference documents, and much more.

When you're ready to move forward with a new extruded component, contact an AEC member extruder for assistance with specific details. 

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