With so many possible applications for aluminum extrusions inevitably there are questions that arise. Use the documents in this section to find answers to those questions. Here you will find white papers, summary reports, articles, and other documents that can be downloaded and referred to for more information on why extrusions may be the best solution for your design in a myriad of applications. Check back often for more documents as they become available.

Eight Questions You Should Be Asking Your Aluminum Extruder to Ensure a Successful Automotive Project
Aluminum extrusions continue to find increasing application in cars, SUV's and pickup trucks. Projections are that extrusion usage will grow by at least 50% over the next 5 - 6 years.

Aluminum Extrusions: Viruses & Bacteria
At this time of extreme health concern, specifiers must carefully consider how material choices may impact the spread of viruses, bacteria, and infectious diseases in healthcare facilities and other public spaces

Aluminum Extrusions: Building Occupant Health and Safety
Architects and developers are increasingly concerned with the health and safety implications of their material choices. This white paper outlines how aluminum extrusions stack up as a building material choice when taking into consideration the health and safety of building occupants. 

Daylighting, Views, Health & Wellness: The Role of Extruded Aluminum Building Components
Daylighting and views can be improved using high-performance aluminum extrusion-based windows, louvers, and light shelves, providing options for achieving energy efficiency, occupant health, and well-being.

Aluminum Extrusion Use in LED Lighting Fixtures
It's no secret that the use of LED (light emitting diode) lighting is growing rapidly, in a wide range of applications, due to dramatic savings in energy use and maintenance costs.

Should You Consider the use of Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Your Next Design Project?
Most architects and design engineers are somewhat familiar with aluminum extrusions.

Material Substitution Dynamics in PV Mounting Structures
IBIS Associates was commissioned to make an unbiased assessment of the relative economic differences of using Steel and Aluminum photovoltaic (PV) mounting structures.