Aluminum Joining Manual for Automotive

Joining is a most important fabrication technology in auto manufacturing, and the dramatic increase in the use of aluminum components in light vehicle design has created a challenge for auto builder and component supplier alike: how best to join the new aluminum other materials, and to aluminum parts.

To assist automotive designers and engineers in effectively applying aluminum components in their lightweighting programs, three leading aluminum organizations have just released the Aluminum Automotive Manual - Joining. The comprehensive 280+ page manual is the result of a nearly-two-year collaboration between the Aluminum Association (AA), the European Aluminium Association (EAA) and the Aluminum Extruders Council.

Scroll down to access the Aluminum Joining Manual chapters, which provide technical details on multiple welding technologies, mechanical joining and adhesive joining. The manual addresses joining of aluminum components as well as joining of aluminum to other metals and materials such as plastics, composites and ceramics.