Extruded Design Solutions

Buildings enhance life in so many ways.  They shelter and protect us and provide space for us to work, learn, heal, shop and connect.

Buildings can also inspire and awe.  Their architecture and connection to nature can elevate our lives.

Yet today, buildings must do more.  They account for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, with three-fourths of that arising from their operations (lighting, heating, air conditioning) and the remainder coming from the production of materials used in their construction.  If we are to seriously address climate change, decarbonization of the built environment is imperative. 

The Role of Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions are playing a major role in making buildings more effective, inspiring, and carbon efficient.  High-strength lightweight framing supports large glass windows to let the sunlight—and the views—in, while extruded sun shades limit the resulting heat load. Thermally improved window framing minimizes energy loss in both winter and summer.  Interior railings and partition framing provide easily sanitized, non-flammable,  and toxin-free touch surfaces. Light shelves capture natural light to reduce the need for interior lighting;  extrusions make-up hardware and create retail displays.

And, extruded components are key to distinctive and dramatic facades. Learn more about:


Custom Extruded Solutions

Custom extrusions can create a signature design solution with differentiation, personalization, enhanced function, and greater value. The aluminum extrusion process is ideal for custom solutions with tooling costs and turnaround times among the lowest of material processes. 

Read our white paper: Should You Consider the use of Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Your Next Design Project?

Aluminum Extrusions: Revolutionizing the Construction Sector

Construction remains the largest end-use sector for aluminum extrusion in North America (the U.S. and Canada), representing approximately 35% of total consumption. AL Circle interviewed AEC B&C leaders Guy Charpentier, Industry Promotion Committee Chair, and Lynn Brown, AEC Market Development Consultant, to dig into future trends for aluminum extrusion in this important market, the role aluminum extrusions play in reducing carbon intensity, occupant health and well being, the advantages of extrusions for B&C applications and much more. Read more

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