You’re important to us!

We’re growing, adding new technology, upgrading and automating our operations.  So we’re looking for the people and the skills we need to realize our many opportunities.  Today’s students will help engineer tomorrow’s products for customers, program and run our robots, and lead our manufacturing teams. 

We have a suite of programs – from internships to apprenticeships – to help you get engaged.

What you should know about Aluminum Extrusions

We're in lots of cool products! 
Extrusions play a key role in crash management systems for cars, alternative energy, new LED lighting systems, delivery truck electrification, medical imaging, energy-efficient building systems, sporting goods, new lightweight vehicles … and more!

We don't just extrude. 
We may start with extrusion, but in more and more cases we then machine, bend, bond, robotically weld, and assemble to create finished components or assemblies. You'll find a lot of advanced manufacturing technology in our plants with an appetite for more.

Check out the video below to see where extrusions are used and solutions are created.

A bit more that's important...


We're likely nearby. 
Our 50+ North American Extruder Members operate over 90 facilities in 31 states and 4 Canadian provinces. We're likely to be near where you are – or want to be. For a list of AEC members view our Buyers' Guide, which contains a listing of plant locations of our members. It is likely they are looking for someone like you!


We're growing and investing. 
Driven by new applications, our members have invested nearly $500 million in the past 5 years in new, state-of-the-art extrusion, casting, and fabrication capacity. With that investment, the industry is looking to expand its workforce! AEC has programs that help connect employers with the skilled workforce needed through Apprenticeships and other programs. 


Sustainability is a core value. 
Extruded aluminum components don't end up in a landfill. Rather, they are melted into new billet (extrusion feedstock), which is then extruded and processed into components that are then remelted at the end of life into a new billet with no degradation of properties. Our 2022 Environmental Product Declaration documented that recycled content comprised over 53% of our feedstock.