Success Stories

Extrusions provide multiple advantages for cross car beams

  • Crash management
  • Low vibration structure, particularly important when supporting massive user interface touch screens
  • Lower weight than steel or magnesium
  • Low tool costs; easy to produce LH / RH models
  • Quick to market with short tooling lead time
  • Ease of joining and assembly

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Novel design utilizing an aluminum extrusion as the central structure, with over-molded plastic and bolted-on castings in support areas.

Cadillac CTS V-Sport

Original: Magnesium die casting: 21.6 lbs (9.8 kg) 
Redesign: Aluminum extrusion assembly: 14.4 lbs (6.5 kg) = 36% weight reduction

Aluminum Advantages over Magnesium

  • 30% higher material stiffness
  • Reduced weight by utilizing material where product performance value exists
  • Reduced tooling, for LH / RH designs
  • Quick, production-like prototypes
  • Multi-material; best material in optimal location
  • Tight profile tolerances over long length


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