Extrusions in Military

High strength with light weight, minimal maintenance, the absence of brittleness at low temperatures, and the ability to engineer a wide range of functionality into components, make aluminum extrusions a major element of military, aircraft, and aerospace solutions.

Extruded aluminum has played an important role in these applications for years. In fact, the Wright Flyer, that was used for the Wright Brothers’ first powered flight in December 1903, utilized a cast aluminum engine block to minimize weight. Today, a new generation of aluminum-lithium alloys for extrusions and forgings is offering aircraft producers weight and fuel savings over the newest composites.

Today you'll find aluminum extrusions in

  • Military vehicles
  • Aircraft and helicopters
  • Rapid deployment landing mats
  • The International Space Station
  • Combat vessels
  • Command and hospital tent structures
  • ... and more

Click the links to see the role extrusions play in the International Space Station and in the newest generation of Navy ships.

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