A Robust North American Supply Base

You’ll find an extruder nearby almost anywhere you go in North America. In the U.S. over 170 facilities are operating in 36 states.  Add Canada and Mexico and you’ll find another 35 facilities. In aggregate, there are currently over 510 presses operating in North America, with more coming on-line in 2022.

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Find Your Fit

Of course, not all aluminum extrusion facilities will be “right” for your needs. They vary in press size and capability, alloy emphasis, market focus, and downstream operations like finishing and fabrication. But with 200+ facilities and 500+ presses, it’s highly likely that you’ll find one or more extruders that can satisfy your requirements in relatively close proximity.  

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Metal Supply

Yet there is more to the supply base than presses. Over 40 remelt facilities (cast houses) process pre- and post-consumer aluminum scrap into the extrusion billet—the raw material for the extrusion operation. In aggregate, these plants produce well over half of the billet needed and recycle over 4 billion pounds of scrap per year.  

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One-Stop Shop

After extrusion, there is often a need for finishing and/or fabrication of the extruded shape into an assembly-ready component.  North American extruders have invested in these downstream operations as well and are often ready to provide a “one-stop” solution to your extrusion-based component needs. 

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