A Robust North American Supply Base

You’ll find an extruder nearby almost anywhere you go in North America. In the U.S. over 170 facilities are operating in 36 states.  Add Canada and Mexico and you’ll find another 35 facilities. In aggregate, there are currently over 510 presses operating in North America, with more coming on-line.

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Find Your Fit

Of course, not all aluminum extrusion facilities will be “right” for your needs. They vary in press size and capability, alloy emphasis, market focus, and downstream operations like finishing and fabrication. But with 200+ facilities and 500+ presses, it’s highly likely that you’ll find one or more extruders that can satisfy your requirements in relatively close proximity.  

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Metal Supply

Yet there is more to the supply base than presses. Over 40 remelt facilities (cast houses) process pre- and post-consumer aluminum scrap into the extrusion billet—the raw material for the extrusion operation. In aggregate, these plants produce well over half of the billet needed and recycle over 4 billion pounds of scrap per year.  

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One-Stop Shop

After extrusion, there is often a need for finishing and/or fabrication of the extruded shape into an assembly-ready component.  North American extruders have invested in these downstream operations as well and are often ready to provide a “one-stop” solution to your extrusion-based component needs. 

Growing Capacity for the Growing Demand

Over the past five years, AEC members have been ramping up capacity and expanding operations to meet the growing demand for extruded aluminum profiles, components and systems.

April 2023 - Rio Tinto begins construction on its new billet casting center in Alma, QC

AEC Member Rio Tinto has begun construction to increase its capacity to cast low-carbon, high-value aluminum billets by 202,000 metric tonnes at its Alma, Quebec smelter.

The existing casting center will be expanded to include new state-of-the-art equipment such as furnaces, a casting pit, coolers, handling, inspection, sawing and packaging systems. Commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2025. Read more…

August 2022 - Hydro to invest NOK 500 million in recycling at Cressona, Pennsylvania extrusion facility in the U.S.

The investment will expand the site’s recycling capabilities, which include remelt and extrusion billet casting, producing low-carbon aluminum products. The project is expected to be fully operational in late 2024 and will expand Cressona’s casting capacity by more than 50,000 tonnes. The investment will allow for a significant increase in use of pre- and post-consumer aluminium scrap and will support the plant in achieving a five percent reduction in the average carbon footprint of its extrusion billet, contributing to Hydro’s overall sustainability ambitions. Read more…

April 2022 - New aluminum recycling plant in Cassopolis, MI, will bring local jobs and lighter vehicles

Hydro marks the construction start of its state-of-the-art aluminum recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan. When ramped up to full production, the plant will produce 120,000 metric tons of low-carbon aluminum extrusion ingot per year. The expected investment is USD 150 million.

The Cassopolis recycling plant in Michigan will strengthen Hydro’s ability to supply car makers and other industries in the U.S. with recycled aluminum. While electric vehicles are now a small percentage of the overall market, amounting to less than 3% of U.S. new auto sales last year, forecasters expect big increases in the next decade. Read more…

February 2022 - Sierra Aluminum announces plans for new plant in Mexico

AEC Member Sierra Aluminum, a division of Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd., announced plans for a new 300,00-sq.-ft. plant in Mexicali, Mexico and new investments in its existing California facilities in Riverside and Fontana.

The greenfield facility in Mexico is located three hours from Sierra's current operations and is expected to be completed in 2023. Read more…

July 2021 - Shape Corp. breaks ground on new Aluminum Center of Excellence

Shape Corp. is investing heavily in its global footprint by doubling down on its impact energy management engineering expertise and expanding its capabilities in tight tolerance aluminum extrusions and assemblies. Read more…

May 2021 - Youngstown Tool & Die Continues Expansion with New Nitriding Capacity

Youngstown Tool & Die (YTD) is continuing the expansion of its operations in Youngstown, Ohio, with the purchase and installation of a new nitriding system.

YTD’s most recent expansion rolled out in Summer 2020, when the company moved to a larger, 70,000 sq ft facility (still located in Youngstown). With the move completed, the company has also made investments in new production and finishing equipment to increase its manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing demand in the U.S. This new equipment includes CNC milling, turning, EDM wire, and sinker machines, as well as vacuum heat treatment and nitriding capabilities. Read more…

April 2021 - Vitex Extrusion expands aluminum extrusion manufacturing capacity

AEC Member Vitex Extrusion, a division of Momentum Manufacturing Group, plans to invest $12 million in the first phase of a new aluminum extrusion press line for its Franklin, New Hampshire, facility. The investment will double the extruder’s current output to 55 million lbs and support growing demand from customers and partners for aluminum extrusions and value-added components. Read more…

December 2020 - Matalco begins production at Wisconsin Rapids plant

AEC member company Matalco began production at its new Wisconsin Rapids, WI, plant on November 19, 2020. As of December 30, the company has shipped more than 3 million pounds of products in that time. The plant will be able to produce 240 million pounds of aluminum each year.

The plant produces aluminum billet and takes in scrap for its remelt facility that then creates extrusion billet and aluminum for rolling and forging industries across North America. Read more…

May 2019 - Dajcor Aluminum Inc. expands in Kentucky

Dajcor Aluminum, headquartered in Chatham, ON, Canada, has expanded its operations to include an extrusion facility in eastern Kentucky. The AEC member company's new plant will support 200 jobs in Perry County in the mountains of Kentucky. Read more…

May 2019 - Alexandria Industries Goes Big: Buys New Aluminum Extrusion Press, Adds Space

The company to increase its aluminum extrusion capabilities and capacities

AEC Extruder Member Alexandria Industries has invested in a new aluminum extrusion press. The press will make aluminum components that go into customer products people see and use every day.

Presezzi Extrusion Group, also an AEC member, will supply the press and will allow Alexandria Industries to increase its aluminum extrusion capabilities, extrude more complex product features, and hold tighter tolerances while utilizing a variety of alloys. Alexandria Industries will gain an extra 30 percent in extrusion capacity. Read more…

April 2019 - Tublite completes facility expansion in Walker, MI

AEC member Tublite, Inc. has completed a 30,000-square-foot expansion of their Walker, Michigan facility, which includes the company's corporate office, fabrication, warehouse and shipping operations. Read more…

July 2018 - Youngstown Tool & Die plans major expansion

Plans are underway for a major expansion and investment at Youngstown Tool & Die.

The company has prospered over the past 61 years and now it's preparing to expand from a regional supplier to a national supplier. The company, which makes dies for the aluminum extrusion business regionally, has 34 employees. It plans to retain those employees and hire even more.

General Manager Dave Mrdjenovic said, "Phoenix International, an Italian firm, bought Youngstown Tool and Die in April. It has plans to invest $13 to $15 million in Youngstown for its Flagship facility in North America. We are hiring entry level folks without experience to go through training, and also folks who can hit the ground running." Read more…

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