What is ET Expo?

Held in conjunction with the ET Seminar, ET Expo is the marketplace and information center where suppliers of aluminum extrusion industry products and services connect directly with decision-makers representing every aspect of the aluminum extrusion business.

Stepping into the ET Expo takes you beyond "just a trade show"; it's a learning experience where you and your team can discover the best and latest extrusion equipment, supplies, and services.

Knowledgeable exhibit personnel are on hand to assist you and your team. By attending the ET Expo, you'll be able to:

  • Explore scores of suppliers focused on the aluminum extrusion industry
  • Ask questions, get answers, discuss solutions
  • Gain insight into what’s next and benchmark your operations for a sustainable future!

Extrusion Showcase

Great examples of product applications employing extruded aluminum solutions will be on display, as well as award-winning Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition entries from the 2020 and 2021 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition, as well as past competitions.

Located near the ET Expo exhibit hall, cutting edge and exciting uses for extruded products from a wide variety of markets such as automotive, building & construction, industrial, recreation, machinery and consumer applications will be highlighted in the Extrusion Showcase to demonstrate the advantages of aluminum extrusions.