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The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has led the U.S. aluminum extrusion industry in achieving level competition by winning tariff protection that offsets unfair trade practices of extruders/importers of aluminum profiles produced in China. Our efforts have been of enormous value to domestic extruders and suppliers. They may have saved our industry. Conservatively, AEC estimates 1.2 billion pounds per year of extrusions are being produced in the U. S. that would have otherwise been lost to China.

Scope of the Aluminum Extrusion Orders

Scope of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Orders on Aluminum Extrusions from China
The merchandise covered by the AD and CDV orders on aluminum extrusions from China is broad. This document provides an overview regarding what is covered, including a list of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes of the United States.

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Talking Points on AD & CVD Orders on Aluminum Extrusions from China
A quick overview of that outlines the scope of the orders, who is responsible for declaring entries of product subject to the duties, and what merchandise would or would not apply to products under the Aluminum Section 232 duties.

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Infographic: Scope of the AD/CVD Orders on Aluminum Extrusions from China
The image provides a snapshot of the scope of the antidumping and countervailing duty orders on aluminum extrusions from China, including what is covered, the typical rates and more. For detailed information review the documents above.

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Latest Fair Trade News

Aluminum Tariffs Exclusion Process

AEC recently conducted a webinar to update members and their customers on the exclusion process for the 10% tariff on aluminum imports. Watch this webinar to learn about the process.

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Fair Trade Tour

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) visited AEC member company Pennex Aluminum in Leetonia, Ohio for a plant tour and to talk about aluminum industry fair trade. 

Industry Announcement

In January 2017, United States Trade Representative Michael Froman announced that the United States has launched a new trade enforcement complaint against the People’s Republic of China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning China’s subsidies to certain producers of primary aluminum. 

Your Support is Vital

The fight for ensuring level competition and fair trade has been a long and expensive endeavor. The financial support for this effort has mainly been funded by U.S. AEC members through donations and special assessment dues.

The work AEC is doing to ensure free and fair trade throughout the aluminum extrusion industry should be everyone's concern. Interested in providing your support? Download our Pledge Form to learn how you can help!

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Fair Trade Resources

Visit the Fair Trade Members-Only page to find information and resources pertaining to the Aluminum Extrusion China trade case available only to AEC members.

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AEC Shaping Solutions Together Blog
The AEC Blog includes timely and relevant posts regarding the AEC Fair Trade Initiative initiative composed by extrusion industry leaders. These posts provide a unique perspective and a more personalized message on the importance of this campaign. To view the blog in its entirety, please visit http://aluminumextruderscouncil.blogspot.com/


Ducker Worldwide Study
Ducker Worldwide, an independent consulting and research firm conducted a study on behalf of the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) and released in December 2014 that focused on identifying the benefits from and future risks to the U.S. Aluminum Extrusion market’s trade case against the People’s Republic of China.  This revealing report indicates that up to 20% of the U.S. extrusion market has returned to domestic producers.  Furthermore, the study examines future success based on the domestic industry’s defense of the Department of Commerce’s trade orders. The report answers such questions as:

  • Which end use categories were hardest hit?
  • Which end use categories are vulnerable to extruders if duties should decrease?
  • What is the relationship between tariff rates on Chinese extrusions and market share penetration in the U.S. market?

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Court of International Trade Curtain Wall Decision (December 11, 2017)
A decision was rendered in the scope determination for the antidumping and countervailing duty orders on aluminum extrusions from the People's Republic of China related to curtain wall units.

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Judge Orders Liquidation of Curtain Wall Units
The judge has directed the U.S. Department of Customs to liquidate Yuanda, Jangho, and Permasteelisa’s entries of curtain wall units.

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Current Import Tariffs
The following documents provide links to the Federal Register with the latest information on anti-dumping and countervailing duties rates for imports of aluminum extrusions from the Peoples Republic of China.

Aluminum Extrusions From the People's Republic of China: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review and Rescission of Review in Part; 2014-2015

Aluminum Extrusions from the People's Republic of China: Final Results of Expedited First Sunset Review of the Countervailing Duty Order