Aluminum Extrusions Finishing

The choice of finish for an extruded component depends upon a variety of factors, most notably the desired appearance and the product's in-use environment. Aluminum is naturally protected from many environmental stresses, as a protective oxide coating naturally begins to form upon exposure of the unfinished aluminum to the atmosphere. For many applications, extrusions require no more protection than the transparent oxide film.

Endless Options

Aluminum extrusions can be finished with a variety of paint, anodizing, or mechanical treatments when additional surface protection or an enhanced appearance is desired.

Aluminum extrusions are rarely utilized as they come from the press. Extrusions commonly undergo a number of secondary fabrication and/or finishing operations to transform into functional components for their intended application. The extrusion below, which replaced stampings requiring multiple welds, is cut to length, has holes punched, is tumble deburred, welded, powder coated, and assembled with other extruded components to create a frame member for military tents.

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