Industrial Applications

About 20% of North American extrusion usage is for industrial applications—for the electrical and mechanical equipment that provides our energy and facilitates our manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Ideal Applications

Aluminum extrusions’ lightweight strength makes them ideal for robotics, linear motion devices and other automated applications, as the mass to be moved is minimized and precise complex shapes can be easily created.  Precise extruded tubing is used in hydraulics, and aluminum’s high thermal conductivity makes extrusion-based heat sinks essential in removing heat from a variety of devices, from lighting to computers to cryogenics.

Extruded Assemblies

The extruded component assembly pictured at right is used in conjunction with a steam/water level gauge that replaces a prior stainless steel sheet metal enclosure. The new extruded design allowed for:

  • Reduced lead times 
  • Elimination of welds
  • Increased surface area through incorporation of cooling fins at minimal cost
  • Cost reduction by 40% 
  • More aesthetically pleasing design

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