Aluminum Extrusions Functionality

There is an almost limitless variety of forms an aluminum extrusion can take. When designing an extrusion, keep in mind not only what that particular profile is designed to do, but how that extrusion will work with other product elements, how it will be joined to other components and how it can contribute to product aesthetics.  Extrusion’s design flexibility allows a great deal of functionality to be integrated into an extruded component. Doing so can offer improved performance,  save secondary operations and speed subsequent assembly.  

The extrusion sample shown below illustrates some of the functions that are commonly incorporated in profile design.

The Practical Limitations

There are, however, some practical limitations to this design flexibility. Some designs may prove very challenging to extrude consistently and in a cost-effective manner. Often minor tweaks to the design can yield significant benefits in extrudability, and consequently, cost.

Check out "Key Design Considerations" for a series of design tips. You can find more complete guidance on effective design of extruded components — along with a host of other extrusion technology information — in AEC's Aluminum Extrusion Manual. Finally, most extruders have professionals on staff who are ready to help in optimizing your design for functionality and cost effectiveness. Go to Find an Extruder to locate a source near you.

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