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AEC provides resources for members to continuously improve and excel in their profession, as well as expand their operations and promote the industry.

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Committed to helping its members overcome the challenges that arise in a competitive manufacturing environment, the AEC...

  • Educates designers and manufacturers on the advantages and applications of aluminum extrusions.
  • Publishes the yearly Buyers' Guide, a directory of member companies to be used as a buyer's resource. Informs members about emerging technologies and industry trends via publications and educational opportunities* such as training sessions, online programs, seminars and conferences.
  • Collects, analyzes, and disseminates production and management statistical information to help benchmark operations.
  • Works with government and regulatory bodies on matters pertinent to the industry. Offers technical and managerial publications and training events to keep the aluminum extruders knowledgeable of the latest important issues.
  • Provides numerous networking opportunities for members to exchange, discuss, and problem-solve their common challenges. Advocates for North American aluminum extrusion industry interests. Listens to members' concerns and allows for member input through various volunteer opportunities.


To serve the aluminum extrusion industry as a whole, AEC extends membership to all those with an active interest in this industry:

  • Aluminum Extruders
  • Producers of Aluminum Billet
  • Suppliers of equipment, products and services for the extrusion industry.

AEC's focus is simply stated, the Aluminum Extruders Council will:

  • Expand the market
  • Defend the market, and
  • Teach its members how to become better extruders.


Business Excellence

AEC assists members in the aluminum extrusion industry to be the best they can be and enhances the ability of its members to meet the emerging demands of the market through knowledge sharing and best practices. AEC offers resources for members to continuously improve and excel in their profession, as well as expand their operations. Programs include:

Technical Webinars - Convenient and complimentary educational webinars for training and educating personnel from the convenience of your own offices and plant, available only to AEC members.

Workshops & Clinics - Every year, AEC produces a variety of educational in-person workshops, clinics and classes covering a wealth of topics dedicated to improvement of extrusion operations - from safety and finishing to press maintenance and die performance improvement.

Two Yearly Conferences - Every Spring and Fall, AEC conducts a national conference for all members. The Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference, typically held in March, focuses on providing leadership, networking and motivational content for extrusion industry executives. The Management Conference, typically held in September, focuses on technical, managerial and marketing information targeted to extrusion industry technical and operational personnel.

AEC Academy - The AEC Academy Online Learning Program is a Learning Management System that provides members with a way to train new and advancing employees, and is intended to supplement members' on-boarding and educational programs. Learners take a quiz after each "module" to demonstrate their understanding of the material.

Business Surveys - AEC members maintain their success - in part - through access to timely data trends. The Council, working through an independent survey research firm to ensure confidentiality, collects data and distributes results to survey participants throughout the year. The surveys are available at no cost to members and survey topics include End Use Shipments, Press Performance Benchmarking, Compensation & Benefits, and Business Trends, a monthly opinion-based snapshot of industry business conditions.

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