Thermal Management - Heat Sinks

Heat is the enemy of efficiency. To extract heat from lighting, from electronics and circuit boards, engineers design a heat sink to conduct the heat, and utilize high surface area fins to allow the heat to convect away from the product. As can be seen in the imagery, heat sinks come in various forms, from extremely thin to thicker structures, the latter is critical to prevent thermal expansion that can break a printed circuit board.

Hydro Heat Sinks
Source:, iStock Photo

Thermal Management - Cold Plate

Electric vehicle design is evolving rapidly, yet one thing is constant, thermal management. Heat is the by product of energy generation, and because it degrades the system, it must be released. Extrusions provide a reliable means to transfer heat transfer fluids in a system that packages close to the heat source yet can also maintain the structural integrity of road loads and long life.

EV battery cooling plates made by laser welding extruded tubing are energy efficient, lightweight and allow a thin package space to maximize the energy efficiency in a battery pack.

Sogefi Cold Plate