Getting a Step-up

You’ve seen the ads … competitive pick-up truck owners are relegating their truck tailgates to the scrap heap.  This is all in reaction to GM’s new, industry-first MultiPro Tailgate that offers six unique functions to pick-up owners.

First introduced on the 2019 GMC Sierra SLT and Denali models, and subsequently added to the Hummer EV and select Silverado models, the MultiPro Tailgate (or Multi-Flex in the Chevrolet version) incorporates an inner panel and a pivoting flap, which can function as a stop for an extended load, a step providing easy access to the bed, or a standing-height work surface.

That “flap” is a multi-void hollow aluminum extrusion that incorporates a non-skid surface, provides for the pivot and support mechanisms, and supports a 375-pound person. 

Why extrusion?

Aluminum extrusions are light weight, multi-functional, corrosion resistant, strong, easy to fabricate and assemble, and more.

Challenges … part size, complexity

Secondary operations post extrusion

The MultiPro originated from an internal competition among GM engineers – challenged to bring increased access and functionality to pickup customers.  

Aluminum extrusions – helping creativity become reality.