Body & Chassis Structures

Roof header materials must be high in tensile strength, low in weight to lower the vehicle center of gravity, high in toughness, and integration-friendly. A commonly utilized alloy utilized is 6082 aluminum, a which delivers strength, toughness, extrudability – and that converts multiple steel stampings to an efficient, one-piece extrusion on Ford’s flagship vehicle, the F-150.

The weight savings is real, and significant: The Front (Roof) Header on the Ford F-150 delivers 2.9 kg weight savings! Extruded roof headers, bows, and rails play a key role in the protection of the passenger compartment on the F-150, which is one of the world's top-selling vehicles.

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Metrics to Success in Body & Chassis Extrusions

  • Tight tolerances
  • Controlled grain structure
  • Straightness (Profile Tolerances)
  • Stringent mechanical property requirements
  • Versatile to various assembly techniques

And, to the leading electric vehicle producer, Tesla. 

Body Chassis Performance Characteristics

  • Piece cost: Multi-void sections with no welding; piece count reduction
  • Tooling cost: Tooling is significantly lower cost than multiple stampings or one piece castings.
  • Development time: Tooling in weeks, not months
  • Corrosion resistance: Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant. No coatings required
  • Weight: Economical lightweighting
  • Maintenance: Threaded hole options, flow drill screws
  • Structural integrity: Strong, torsional stiffness, protect battery & powertrain
  • Crash management: Efficient crush structures around perimeter and in load path
  • Ease of assembly: Easy to shape & machine; weld & adhesive friendly
  • Supply Chain: Robust, global supply chain for materials & extrusions
  • Raw materials: Large variety of non-proprietary alloys

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