Skylights & Overhead Glazing 

Extrusion-framed skylights and overhead glazing can bring daylight to building interiors and common areas. Contemporary electrochromatic glass can limit glare and heat gain.

Student Safety & Security

Structural aluminum framing and security glazing support safer environments for both extreme weather events. Aluminum extrusions are noncombustible and help avoid red-list materials.


Student Learning & Well-Being

Natural daylight and views increase student performance and health. Aluminum extrusions play an important role in allowing narrow sightlines and wide spans.


Environmental Stewardship

Aluminum extrusion in skylights and glazings offer energy-efficient design solutions while introducing high-performance thermal breaks. Advantages also come into play in energy savings through toplight solutions with daylight responsive controls.  Aluminum extrusion framing provides recyclability, positive life cycle benefits, and avoids the use of red-list materials.



Energy efficient design reduces lighting and energy costs, while natural daylight and views from the resulting design help to increase teacher and employee satisfaction and performance and further decrease absenteeism.

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