Automotive Extruded Solutions 

You'll find aluminum extrusions contributing to effective solutions in almost every automotive system. Here are some additional systems and components:

  • Seat Tracks
  • Bushings for NVH
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Trim
  • Drive Shafts & Accessories
  • Electronic Heatsinks


LED light housing - off-road: complex heat sink bent to 99” radius

Body Structure

Floor Assembly - Mercedes: 3 thin-wall hollows joined via friction-stir welding

Crash Management

Crush Cans & Bumper Beam Assembly

Exterior Trim

SUV B-pillar cover: replaced 3 parts, with 40% weight savings; Class A finish

Mounts, Brackets, Bushings

Suspension mount (with bushing)

Power Train

Supercharger Impeller: unique helical extrusion, “twisted” at the press


Suspension link for Lincoln Town Car

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