What are you looking for?

  • Money to help fund your education?
  • Work placement throughout your post-secondary education?
  • A paid apprenticeship
  • A challenging, rewarding, and well-paying career?

Student Opportunities 

AEC’s Academic Outreach Program is a great place to start. This is what it can mean for you:

  • Scholarship money! Every year there are opportunities for scholarship awards while combining theoretical and practical knowledge through the ET Foundation International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition. Learn more here.
  • Real-world exposure to a variety of markets, including (but not limited to) residential and commercial building and construction, automotive and other transportation, heat transfer industry and applications, solar and other renewable energy, various fabrication operations, and a multitude of businesses that supply these industries.
  • Work-term opportunities in the U.S. and Canada throughout your secondary education through AEC member companies. Check out this video.
  • An earn-while-you-learn Apprenticeship program. Learn more here.
  • Permanent job placement opportunities in direct and support industries of which you may otherwise not be aware.
  • Additional learning opportunities involving modern material and processes that will open the door to unique and imaginative solutions to design issues.

AEC Support

The Aluminum Extruders Council supports you by:

  • Facilitating the connection for you and your school with appropriate AEC members that match your geographical and educational preferences
  • Conducting the yearly student Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition with winning entries receiving thousands of dollars in scholarship awards
  • Providing learning tools to help you better understand aluminum extrusion processes, applications and design.

One example of the learning tools available is the AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual. It contains a wealth of information on the extrusion process, applications, design tips, technical data and more. Download your free copy to access this valuable information 24/7.

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