Aluminum Extrusion Tolerances

How straight is straight enough? How flat is flat enough? Aluminum extrusions, and extrusion-based components, can be produced to very precise tolerances, as well as to accepted "industry standard" dimensional tolerances. More complex components may call for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in order to specify the shape-related intricacies of the design.

Measuring Tolerances

Check out the latest 5-video series from the Aluminum Association on how to accurately measure aluminum extrusion tolerances to industry standards; each video is geared to a specific type of extrusion profile or a particular tolerance parameter.

Click on these links to watch this important video series:

Tolerance Tables

Tolerance tables, setting forth both industry standard and "precision" tolerances, are available in Aluminum Standards & Data published by The Aluminum Association. Many extruders can — if required — achieve tighter tolerances than indicated in the tables. Thus, tolerance requirements for a particular component are often an important discussion topic between designer and extruder.

The Tables that pertain to Aluminum Extrusion Dimensional Tolerances are:

  • Tables 11.5 through 11.14
  • Tables 12.2 through 12.5
  • Tables 12.10 through 12.14

To obtain a copy of Aluminum Standards and Data, visit

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