Aluminum Extrusions in Transportation

Around the globe, engineers are scrambling to design tomorrow’s vehicles – the autos, trucks, trailers, busses, rail cars and planes that will move people and goods more efficiently and with diminished impact on our world’s ecology.


Globally, transportation is responsible for nearly 25% of CO2 emissions, through both vehicle usage and construction.  In the U.S., transportation consumed 27% of our energy in 2021. Substantially reducing transportation’s energy use, and attendant greenhouse gas emissions is an imperative.

Aluminum extrusions are giving vehicle engineers a critical tool for the development of the more efficient vehicles needed for tomorrow.  In conventional gas- or diesel-powered vehicles, every pound of aluminum that replaces two pounds of steel can save 3.1 gallons of crude oil and 20 pounds of CO2 emissions over the vehicles lifetime. And in battery powered vehicles—or BEVs—that weight reduction can extend range.

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But there is more to extrusions’ role in transportation than increasing fuel efficiency or battery range.  Extrusions offer vehicle designers the ability to combine multiple functions in one part, reducing build cost and complexity.  And their ability to absorb crash energy—twice as much as steel—provides protection for occupants … and batteries.  

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Recycled Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions provide corrosion-resistant components, helping to extend vehicle life and reduce maintenance cost,  and at the end of that vehicle’s life, the extrusion-based components are fully recyclable, with studies showing that over 90% are, in fact, recycled. For all these reasons, extrusion usage has increased from an average of about 25 pounds per North American light vehicle 10 years ago to nearly 50 pounds in 2021. And usage is continuing to grow.

Auto Industry Extrusions


aluminum extrusions in automotive
Auto Industry

Extrusions are a major element in our automotive applications. 

mass transit
Mass Transit

Extrusions are a major element in next generation transit solutions—whether rail or road.

truck and trailers and extrusions
Trucks & Trailers

This is summary text about the truck and trailer industry. 

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